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1st Annual Box LAX Winter Classic 2020

The First Annual Winter Box LAX Classic will feature 3 games between the Sasquatch and Yeti teams. Games will be played at the 3rd/4th Grade, 5th/6th Grade, and 7th/8th Grade levels. 


The 3/4 game will start at 3:00 followed by the 5/6 game at 4:30 and the 7/8 game at 6:00. Each game will feature a 15-minute warm-up and introduction and then (2) 22-minute running time halves of gameplay. 

Each player will get to keep their own Yeti/Sasquatch jersey after the game!

100% of the proceeds from these games will benefit Project Kenny. Project Kenny provides support to military veterans and service members using canines and other therapeutic techniques. TO learn more about Project Kenny, click here

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